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We are standing by to serve you with the Filtration Solution which involves modern science concepts, purest raw material & finest quality to achieve finest filtration results in terms of efficiency and cost effective.

Since last 10 years, we have constantly tried to give Pure Liquid & Clean Air by adopting modern science technologies, high quality standards & as a result, we have got the expertise in Ultra & Micron Filtration.

We are managed by technocrats having rich experience in designing and manufacturing of Cartridge filtration systems, Bag filtration systems, Hydraulic Oil Filtration Systems, Sparkler Filters from various materials like Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and special alloys to relevant standards and codes for pharmaceuticals, chemical plants and other industries.

Our vision is to support the customers in fulfilling the objective of their business needs by providing innovative products at competitive pricing and a better system for communication and transaction to our customers.

Cartridge Filters - Bag Filters - Sparkler Filters

Filtration Applications....

Chemical - Mineral Water - Drinking Water - Pharmaceuticals - Pre-Filtration for RO - Process Water - Food & Beverages - Oils - Electroplating Solutions - Printing Inks - Polymer Solutions - Electronic Industries - Man-mad Fiber Industries... & Virtually any filtration application.

Filtration Productions...

Filter Elements Ceramic - Sintered SS - Pleated SS - SS Random Fiber Media - Porous sintered - Activated Carbon - Pleated PP - SS wire mesh - Melt Blown PP - Wound PP – Hydraulic Oil Filters - Filter Bags - Filter Strainers. Filter Housings Moulded PP - oulded SAN - Fabricated PP - Fabricated SS - Fabricated MSRL - Fabricated FRP.

We will be happy to assist you & share our expertise with you as & when Filtration is in demand.
Authorised Distributers :
NUPORE Filteration System.
Amazon Filters Ltd.
Our Products
  Pleated Filter Cartridge
PolyPropylene (PP) Pleated Filter Cartridge
Nylon (NN) Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridge
Polyethersulfone (PES) Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridge
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridge
Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membrane Filter Cartridge
SS Pleated Filter Cartridge
  Depth Filters Cartridge
Spun / Melt Blown Filter Cartridge
String Wound Filter Cartridge
Titanium Alloy(TI) Filter Cartridge
Cellulose Filter Pads And Paper
Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) Filter
  Filter Housing
Stainless Steel (SS) Filter Housing
Blue / Black Transparent Filter Housing
  Capsule Filter
Capsule Filter
  Membrane Disc Filter
Nylon (N6/N66) Membrane Disc Filter
PolyetherSulphone Membrane(PES)
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Membrane Disc Filter(Hydrophobic)
HydrophobicPolyvinylidene (PVDF) Membrane Disc Filter
Glass Fiber Pre Filter
  Syringe Filters
Syringe Filters
Air Ven Filter
  Air Filters Cartridge
Spun Bonded Polyester Air Filter Cartridge With PTFE Media
Cellulose Air Filter Cartridge
Oval Air Filter Cartridge
High Efficiency Pleated Filter Bags For Pulse Jet Dust Collectors
High/Medium Efficiency Panel Filter With Clapboard
Panel Filter Without Clapboard (V-Shape)
HEPA Panel Air Filter Without Clapboard
Primary Efficiency Plate Filter
Bag Panel Filter
  Environment Products
Glass Fiber Filter - Type Gf1
Glass Fiber Filter - Type Gf2
Glass Fiber Filter - Type Gf3
Cellulose Thimbles
Glass Micro-Fiber Thimbles
Envipore 2.0 Filters (Equal to Whatman PM2.5 filters)
  Integrity Tester
Integrity Tester For Filter Cartridge