Stainless Steel (SS) Filter Housing
Main Features:
Made of stainless steel, surface polished.
Excellent durability and corrosion resistance.
Without dead corner, meet the demands of GMP standards.
Easy installation, clean and maintenance.
Specifications & Technical data:
Material Body Stainless steel (SUS 304 / 316L)
Cartridges PP / PES / PVDF / PTFE / ACF / NYLON etc.
Technical Data Cartridges Q'ty (Pcs) 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,12, 18, 21, or customize
Testing pressure 9.6 bar, 30 minutes / 7.2 bar,30 minutes
Maximum working temperature 6.0 bar
Connection Port Flange / Easy open flange / Easy open / Threade
Air / Gas / Liquid Filteration
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Blue / Black Transparent Filter Housing
Main Features:
Strong structure
High Pressure Resistance
No Leakage
Size 10", 20"
Diameter For Slim Cartridge, For Jumbo Cartridges
Colour Blue & Black, White, Transperent
Inlet - Outlet Pore 1/2", 3/4", 3/8", 1/4"
Maximum Sustained Pressure 125 PSI (8.8 kg / cm2)
Maximum Sustained Temperature 120oF (50oC)
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