Nylon (N6/N66) Membrane Disc Filter
Main Features:
Nylon membrane possesses extremely good mechanic strength and
strong adsorption.
It holds resistance against most organic solvents and most alkaline liquid,
especially for alkaline liquid
It is Plain Whit Absolute Membrane Filter Offering wide Chemical compatibility.
Specifications & Technical data:
Absorption 0.2µm membrane absorption capability: 100g/cm2 bovine serum albumin
Bubble Point (Water) 0.2µm3.65 kg/cm2 0.45µm:2.32 kg/cm2
Chemical Compatibility Stable among pH3-14Resist against most organic solvent and alkaline liquid;
Extractables with water <0.2%
Flow Rate(Water)
Δp100 kPa
Material Nylon (Polyamide)
Sterilization Methods Autoclaving (121Centigrade) or Epoxy Ethane Suffocating
Thickness 110+-10µm
Size 13,25,47,90,142,293
Micron Size 0.22µ, 0.45µ, 0.8µ, 1.2µ
Applicable Fields:Filtration for alkaline liquid and organic solvents
Nylon membrane is more economical than PTFE membrane, when applied in filtration for organic solvents , such
as HPLC flowing particle removal.
Nylon can be applied as transfer membrane otherwise
Generally speaking, Nylon membrane is hardly recommended to filtration for cultivating bacteria, protein liquid
and other biologic sample, avoiding the loss in sample due to absorption. In this case, we usually apply CN-CA
membrane, which is more suitable.
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Hydrophilicpolyether Sulfone (PES) Membrane Disc Filter
Main Features:
The membrane stack consists of imported PES membrane and deflector layer
Possess superior properties of heat resistance and chemical resistance
Manufactured in cleaning room
Hydrophilic membrane with high volume
Flushed with super pure water
Strictly conformed to FDA Biologic Safety Standard
Specifications & Technical data:
Material PolyetherSulphone Membrane(PES)
Thickness 110µm (±10µm)
Bubble Point (Water) Micron Size Bubble Point (Water)
1.2µm 105kPa
0.8µm 140kPa
0.65µm 210kPa
0.45µm 300kPa
0.2µm 430kPa
0.1µm(IPA) 280kPa
Chemical Compatibility Resist against hydrophilic liquid; Stable among the pH4-8
Extractables with water <0.2%
Breakthrough Pore Size m3/m2.hr.bar
1.2µm >=156
0.8µm >=147
0.65µm >=54
0.45µm >=36
0.2µm >=21
0.1µm(IPA) >=2.4
Heat Stability Maximum Temperature: 130°C
Sterilization Methods Autoclaving (121°C), γ- ray or Epoxy Ethane Suffocating
Validation Bubble Point value for 0.2um membrane experiences Bacteria Challenge testing, ensuring the reliability of sterilization filtration.
Micron Size 0.22µ, 0.45µ, 0.8µ, 1.2µ
Applicable Fields:Filtration for liquid and some organic solvent
Hydrophilic membrane can be applied as sterilization filtration for great infusion, injection, vaccine and other liquor.
Flush, washing bottle and other sterilization&amp; particle filtration for disinfectant etc.
Sterilization filtration for beer, grape wine, beverage, etc..
Terminal filtration for ultra-pure water
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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Membrane Disc Filter(Hydrophobic)
Main Features:
PTFE membrane adopts 100% natural and permanent hydrophobic membrane
It can ensure wet air and other gas pass through smoothly, even when the
differential pressure is very low. But the water liquid cant permeate
It holds the opposite capability against hydrophilic membrane
Specifications & Technical data:
Material Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Absorption 0.2µm membrane absorption capability: 8µg/ cm2 γ-globulin
Bubble Point (Isopropanol) 0.1µm150kPa 0.2µm120kPa
0.45µm80kPa 1.0µm45kPa
Chemical Compatibility Strong resistance against all organic solvent and strong chemicals;
Extractables with water None detectable
Flow Rate Material Air Isopropanol
Pressure Δp5 kPa Δp100 kPa
3µm - -
1.0µm 0.88/H/M2 -
0.45µm 0.44/H/M2
0.2µm 0.31/H/M2 17-23ml/min/cm2
0.1µm 0.22/H/M2 9-12ml/min/cm2
Sterilization Methods Autoclaving (121° C or 134°C)or epoxy ethane suffocating
Thickness 65µm (0.2µm) - 100µm (5µm)
Validation Bubble Point value for 0.2um membrane experiences Bacteria Challenge testing, ensuring the reliability of sterilization filtration.
Micron Size 0.22µ, 0.45µ, 0.8µ, 1.2µ
Applicable Fields Filtration for air, gas and hydrophobic chemicals
PTFE membrane possesses extremely strong chemical compatibility
It can almost filter all the organic solvents and strong corrosive chemicals
If hydrophobic PTFE membrane is used to filter hydrophilic liquid, please soak the membrane into ethanol
andisopropanol liquor beforehand so the hydrophilic liquid
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