Integrity Tester
Integrity Test for Filter Cartridges
Wet filter cartridges in liquids like: water, ethanol, isopropanol.
Start integrity text in accordance with the standard procedure of this text.
Possible factors of the failure of the text :
Incompletely moist (especially in the two sides)
Seal of the text equipment is not good (sealing ring is not fit or has been broken)
there is a leakage in the text system (something wrong with connections)
filter cartridges have been broken
Treatment after filtration
Replace filtration fluid use super clean water (other suitable fluid is OK).
Conditions to replace filter cartridges
flow rate is too small.
pressure drop reaches the effective value.
filter cartridges reach the total recycling times.
filter cartridges reach the limit of chemical compatibility.
filter cartridges can not pass integrity text.
Cleaning filter cartridges
Suggest cleaning filter cartridges in the forward direction. If filter cartridges are blocked by gel materials like proteins, it could be removed by dilute alkali solutions.
Storage of filter cartridges
When you need store for short term, please dip the cartridge in water contain antimicrobial ,such as the 10ppm hypochlorite solvent or 2.0% Formalin solvent, washing it before reusing.
When you store for long time, please wash it by pure water, then dry it under 50°C heated air circulation, seal by plastic bag.
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  Integrity Tester
Integrity Tester For Filter Cartridge